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Top 5 Products Imported from Africa to India

India and Africa share deep social and economic relations dating back thousands of years when Indian traders first sailed to the east coast of Africa in search of Agricultural and Animal products, Gems and Minerals.

Over the last decade with the emergence of bilateral trade between India and Africa, the trade has recorded impressive growth with India emerging as Africa’s fourth-largest trading partner.

Africa with its vast natural resources is an ideal supplier for various agricultural products and minerals to India.

I have been working in the African market for the last few years and according to my knowledge and experience these are the top 5 products imported to India from Africa.

1) Raw Cashew Nut

Raw Cashew Nuts are the basic raw materials required to process and make finished cashew. Raw Cashew Nuts are abundantly available in various African countries .Top Raw Cashew Nut producing countries are Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin Republic, Ghana.

2) Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans are the basic raw materials for coffee. The consumption of coffee in India is increasing day by day. Very good quality of coffee beans are available in Africa. Ghana and Ivory Coast are top producer of cocoa.

3) Soya Bean

Soya Bean is widely grown for its edible Bean which has numerous uses . Traditional use of Soya Bean include soya milk, from which Tofu is made. Apart from this it is a cheap source of protein and used in various vegetable protein supplements. Benin and Togo are top producers of Soya Bean.

4) Teak Wood

Teak is a part of tropical hardwood species. It is known for its incredible durability and water resistance. It is used in making furniture, exterior construction, veneer, carvings, frames and more. The demand for teak wood in India is at an all time high. Ghana is the top producer with very good quality of Teak Wood .

5) Raw Cotton

Raw Cotton is used for every type of clothing from jackets to normal shirts. Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Senegal are top producers of Raw Cotton.

Apart from these products there are many other products like petroleum, oil and mineral ores which are imported from Africa to India, but these products require huge capital. The above products which I have mentioned require limited capital and can easily imported by a common man if he has right guidance and support.

There are many other products which are less famous and have less competition and high margin .If you want to know such products and take your business from local to global, get in touch with us!