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Top 5 Products Exported From India to Africa

Africa today is seen as the largest untapped potential destination for business due to its rich natural resources. Yet Africa lacks the infrastructure, skills and institution needed to support the Industrial growth.

India on the other hand is a manufacturing hub. Many industries in various sectors are present in India. So many finished products are exported from India to Africa. Apart from Industrial products, few agricultural products are also exported from India to Africa.

From my experience and knowledge in the African market these are the top 5 products you can export from India to Africa.

1) Rice

Rice is the most common food in the African diet. IR64 Paraboiled Rice (5% Broken) is one of the fastest moving product in the African market. It is almost exported to all the countries in Africa. Apart from this White Rice is also exported in large quantity.

2) Two Wheeler Vehicles

India is the largest producer of two wheeler vehicles in the world. African people prefer economical options to travel locally from one place to another.

Bajaj and TVS have their sales showrooms as well service stations in many African countries. Apart from new two wheeler vehicles there is a huge demand for second hand two wheelers and spare parts in almost all African countries.

3) Garments

India is the largest producer of the hand woven fabric in the world. Shirts, Pants, T-shirts, Jeans and Cloth are the various types of garments. Large quantity of garments are exported from India to different countries of Africa.

4) Pharmaceutical Products and Surgical Equipments

India is one of the largest producers of pharmaceutical products and surgical equipments in the world. There are very few Pharmaceutical manufacturers in Africa, as a result Africa have to import medicines from other countries. Indian medicines are economical and are of very good quality. Thus a lot of export is taking place from India to Africa.

5) Cosmetic Products

The demand for cosmetic and personal health products is increasing day by day. These include colour cosmetics, skincare products, hair care products and toiletries such as soap. Since there are very few manufacturing units in Africa, cosmetic products are imported from various countries including India to Africa.


Apart from these products, a lot of products from plastic industry, electrical industry, mechanical industry are being exported from India to Africa.To know about such products in detail, get in touch with us