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A Land of Vodoo

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Benin or Benin Republic and formerly known as Dahomey is a country in West Africa. It is the birth place of Vodoo religion. It is a tropical nation, highly dependent on agriculture and is a large exporter of raw cashew, palm oil ,soya bean and cotton.

Benin covers an area of 11.49 square kilometres and has a multi ethnic population of Christians followed by Islam and Vodoo.

Benin’s geographical location enables it to have trade, transportation, transit and tourism activities with neighbouring countries.

Capital: Porto Novo

Famous Market: Dantogpa Market

Historical Place: City of Ouidah

Independence Day: 01st Aug 1960

Currency-West African Franc(CFA)

Bank-NSIA Bank

Port- Cotonou


Airport- Cadjehoun Airport


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